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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

About Us

The Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies (IAOS) – founded in 2013 – is the center of research and teaching on Asia and the Orient at the University of Zurich (UZH). It aims to position itself nationally and internationally as one of the leading institutions in the field. By bringing together the disciplines of Chinese Studies, Indian Studies, Islamic Studies, Japanese Studies, and Gender Studies within one institutional structure, the University of Zurich’s strategic focus on Asian and Oriental studies has become more prominent within the University, the international academic landscape and amongst the general public in Switzerland. With numerous research projects and a variety of programs at BA-, MA- and PhD-level in the aforementioned disciplines, there exists no other institution of comparable focus and scope in Switzerland. The institute consists of

Currently – on average – a total of 600 students are enrolled at the IAOS.

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Dr. Inge Ammering, administrative head, Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies