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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program Asia and Europe

URPP Asia and Europe

PLEASE NOTE: As all other doctoral programs at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences this program will be closed by Spring 2023, enrollment is no longer possible.

PhD candidates who have been already enrolled in this program are permitted to graduate within it by that time.


In the fall semester 2009, the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program Asia and Europe started in the context of the URPP Asia and Europe. Since the fall semester 2017, it is part of the IAOS. The goal is to establish the optimal framework for a discipline-specific yet interdisciplinary doctorate, intended for qualified young academics. The core of the program is the writing of a dissertation. Complementing the program is an offering of curricula that serves to deepen and expand interdisciplinary, disciplinary, and technical competencies with a minimum requirement of 30 credit points (corresponding to the European Credit Transfer System ECTS).


The “Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program Asia and Europe” provides highly qualified young academics with a vibrant environment in which to pursue a doctoral degree within interdisciplinary contexts.

The program offers:

  • ample opportunities to enter into contact with professors and peers from a great variety of academic backgrounds
  • workshops and courses dealing with theoretical and methodological questions in interdisciplinary contexts
  • solid training in one's own discipline through colloquia, research seminars, workshops and conferences
  • development of transferable skills, including presentation techniques, academic writing, and others
  • intensive mentoring by interdisciplinary and international doctoral committees


Doctoral students must complete a curriculum requirement of 30 credit points, corresponding to the standards of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Ten of these 30 points must be acquired from the URPP's own events (see section A). The remaining 20 points consist of a combination of required interdisciplinary electives (see section B), discipline-specific electives (see section C), and electives of personal interest (see section D).


Compulsory Courses: URPP Asia and Europe (10 credits)


Elective Compulsory Pool I: interdisciplinary offerings (min. 8 credits)


Elective Compulsory Pool II: degree-specific offerings (min. 8 credits)


Electives Courses (min. 4 credits)

Curriculum for the Asia and Europe doctoral program:

Curriculumtabelle (PDF, 133 KB)

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Graduate Campus

The Graduate Campus of the University of Zurich has been established to support PhD students and Postdocs in their scientific career.

Graduate School at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Starting from 2019 doctoral candidates will be ministered and guided by the Doktoral Commissioners of their discipline at the Graduate School at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Please contact the responsible person there with all your questions about admission, graduation, assessments etc.

All information, forms, program regulations regarding the doctoral degree (admission, graduation, assessments etc.) you will find at the websites of the Graduate School.