Central IT

Roman Benz
IT Coordination
Phone: +41 44 634 31 86

Room RAA H 05
Rämistrasse 59
CH-8001 Zurich

Contactability: Monday–Friday

The central IT coordination of the IAOS is undertaken by the Central IT Office of UZH and the IT officers of the Institute’s departments.

Responsibilities include:

  • The construction and maintenance of a unified Internet presence
  • Data storage and network back-up for the organizational units of the Institute
  • ITIM: management of regular and occasional accounts, email distribution
  • Address database

Marco Mächler
Pool Support

Room RAA H 05
Rämistrasse 59
CH-8001 Zurich

Office hours: Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday, Thursday afternoon

The pool support provides 1st level support to the IAOS employees and takes care of IT projects.

Departments’ Responsibility

Responsibility for development and maintenance of IT at the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies beyond the above lies with the Departments of the Institute.  The current officers are:

  • IT-Officer Islamic Studies and Gender Studies: Patric Schaerer
  • IT-Officer Japanese and Chinese Studies: Roman Benz