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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies


This page lists texts and images of past events at the Department of Sinology/ Chinese Studies:

• Student field trip: Symposium "China - Between Past and Present", Berlin, 2006

• Conference: "Chinese Diasporic and Exile Experience" Zürich, 2005

• Seminar "Urban Culture and Nature" , including a field trip to Braunwald, Switzerland, 2004

• Seminar "Der The West Lake and Its Literary, Mythical, and Religious Discourses (12th - 20th ct.)", including a field trip to Hangzhou, 2002-2003

• Visit by Yu Hua on May 5, 2006

The writer Yu Hua visiting the Institute of East Asian Studies:

• Visit by Bi Feiyu on April 4, 2006

The writer Bi Feiyu visiting the Institute of East Asian Studies:

A German transcript of his presentation can be downloaded here in Word format:

Transcript Bi Feiyu, German

The following is a German translation of Bi Feiyu's text "An Answer to Li Dawei", which has been prepared by students of the Institute (Word format):


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