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Department of Computational Linguistics Digital Linguistics

Lena S. Bolliger

Lena S. Bolliger, M.A.

  • PhD Candidate
  • Digital Linguistics
  • Office: AND 2.50

I am a second-year PhD student in the Digital Linguistics group, supervised by Prof. Dr. Lena A. Jäger and Prof. Dr. Rico Sennrich. I obtained my Master's degree at UZH in Linguistics with a focus on Digital Linguistics, where I wrote my MA Thesis on predicting human attention from eye movements with neural sequence models.

I am currently working on the investigation and the enhancement of the cognitive plausibility of language models.



ScanDL: A Diffusion Model for Generating Synthetic Scanpaths on Texts,  EMNLP 2023
Lena S. Bolliger, David R. Reich, Patrick Haller, Deborah N. Jakobi, Paul Prasse, Lena A. Jäger
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Semester Course
HS 2024 Lecturer in Mathematics for Computational Linguistics 2
HS 2024 Lecturer in Cognitively Enhanced NLP

HS 2023

Lecturer in Cognitively Enhanced NLP
HS 2022 TA in Quantitative Methods
FS 2022 TA in Eye tracking: Experiment design and machine learning methods
HS 2021

TA in Quantitative Methods