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The University of Zurich successfully faces international competition. Its excellent reputation is reflected in international rankings and in the distinctions and competitive grants that our researchers regularly acquire. To date, no fewer than twelve Nobel Prize winners have taught and conducted research at UZH.

Ideas That Changed the World

From Erwin Schrödinger’s revolution of physics to Paul Karrer’s seminal work on the chemical structure of vitamins to Rolf Zinkernagel’s discovery of how the human body recognizes virus-infected cells: Throughout the University’s history, outstanding researchers at UZH have been transforming the world with their ground-breaking discoveries and have been awarded the Nobel Prize for their efforts.
Research: Nobel Prizes


Latsis Prize, Vontobel Prize, Pfizer Research Prize and many more: UZH researchers regularly receive important distinctions for their work. They also compete with other higher education institutions and research facilities to attract funding for groundbreaking projects. Both are an important indicator of the success of our researchers.
Research: Awards
Research: Grants and Fellowships

International Rankings

UZH does well in international rankings and ranks among the top 100 universities in the world in some.