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UZH on Recent Events in the Middle East

UZH continues to be appalled at the horrific terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israel on 7 October 2023 and condemns the attacks in the strongest possible terms. We are also deeply distraught at the continuing escalation of violence and the extent of Israel’s military actions against Hamas, which are leading to unbearable humanitarian consequences for the Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Our thoughts are with the victims of the attacks and their loved ones as well as with all innocent people who are suffering as a result of the conflict and the ongoing violence, regardless of their nationality or background.

The recent developments in the Middle East are extremely worrying, and we call on all parties involved to respect international humanitarian law and in particular their duty to spare civilians.

UZH condemns all forms of violence aimed at achieving political or societal goals. We explicitly distance ourselves from any groups or people who endorse xenophobia and hatred. As a university, we champion open dialogue and stand for diversity, tolerance and a peaceful coexistence of all people.

“The basis is mutual respect”

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Interview with UZH President on Middle East conflict

UZH President Michael Schaepman discusses the student protests and their demands.

Keeping the Dialogue Going

The University of Zurich is a place where people can engage in reflection, exchange views and foster an open, democratic culture of discussion, even in situations of conflict. Humanity, respect and tolerance are the cornerstones of our community. We do not tolerate anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination.

To facilitate respectful and peaceful dialogue, UZH provides ample space for expressing different points of view. UZH students are encouraged to share their opinions and make use of their extensive freedom of expression and assembly. UZH continues to protect students’ critical engagement as long as it is in line with the university’s values, does not impair university operations and complies with the university’s legal rules and regulations.

We therefore ask UZH members to submit their projects and events to the President’s Services in accordance with the usual process and to involve the offices responsible for technical matters and security in good time. Further information can be found on the following website:
President's Services: Permits

Support and Well-Being of UZH Staff and Students

The University of Zurich is keen to ensure that its students and staff are supported even in these difficult times.

UZH helps students affected by the conflict in the Middle East by providing various support services, including easier access to guest studies for students from the Middle East.

Psychological Counseling Services of UZH and ETH (PBS)

The PBS offers enrolled students counselling for study-related problems and personal stress, regardless of their background. Among the private problem areas for which the PBS can offer low-threshold help are critical life events or the challenges of cultural integration. If conflicts or wars are stressing students, they can register for psychological counselling at the PBS.
Website Psychological Counseling Services of UZH and ETH

Student Financial Aid Office (FSF)

The FSF is the point of contact for all questions regarding the financing of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs at UZH. It primarily arranges social scholarships, loans and short-term credits. The FSF supports enrolled students regardless of their origin and political or religious background.
Website Student Financial Aid Office

Employee Assistance Office (MBS)

The MBS provides counselling for psychological and/or legal problems and stressful situations in connection with work at UZH.
Website Employee Assistance Office

Safety at UZH

The university lives up to its responsibility for the safety of its members and guests.

House Regulations

The house regulations serve as the basis for safe, sustainable, appropriate and socially acceptable coexistence on the university’s premises.
UZH House Regulations

Safety and Environment Office

The Safety and Environment Office is responsible for maintaining safety and order at the university, in coordination with the relevant cantonal and municipal services, among others. Please contact the office if you feel unsafe or if you need support to ensure the safety of your event.
Website Safety and Environment Office (in German)

Emergency Information via UZH now App

The UZH now app informs you based on your location in case of an emergency.
UZH now App

What to do in case of threats?

The University of Zurich does not tolerate threats and takes active leadership and responsibility when it comes to latent and acute threats.
Dealing with threats (in German)

Upcoming Events

Here you will find an overview of events related to this topic.

A number of interactive events are planned for the 2024 Fall Semester, including panel discussions and an exhibition.