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House Regulations

Operating without Let or Hindrance

The purpose of the House Regulations is “to ensure that the University’s declared goals and responsibilities in research, teaching, and services, as well as at events, can be fulfilled without let or hindrance...” (§ 2).

Binding Rules for All Users

The house regulations apply in all buildings and throughout the grounds of the University of Zurich, and all users of these buildings (students, employees, visitors, external service providers, etc.) must abide by the rules contained therein. They contain the ground rules that enable all UZH staff, students, and other users to coexist in a safe, sustainable, fit-for-purpose, and socially acceptable way.

Prohibited Consumption of Content that is Illegal, Pornographic, Racist, Sexist, or that Glorifies Violence

The new paragraph added to the House Regulations on 1 December 2017, § 6c, takes into account the quickly changing circumstances of the modern information society, and is intended to prevent misuse in the area of supplying, processing, and spreading information. The paragraph specifies that consumption of content of an illegal, pornographic, racist, or sexist nature, or that glorifies violence, is not permissible and can lead to criminal prosecution. The same provision has already been included in the UZH Regulations on the Use of IT Resources (REIM) published at the end of November 2017.

What to Do in Case of Violation

If UZH staff, students, or users feel that they have suffered discrimination or harassment due to others’ illegal consumption of such content, they should inform the responsible contact person (superior, library staff, cafeteria personnel, etc.).

The Safety, Security and Environment Office will advise and support you on dealing appropriately and reasonably with infringements by third parties.
Safety, Security and Environment Office

For cases of sexual harassment, the contact persons and the persons under investigation may also consult the regulations protecting against sexual harassment (RSB).
Protection against Sexual Harassment

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