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Historisches Seminar

How to collaborate with DHL: step by step

Motivation: Collaboration is the key to the success of the Digital History Lab (DHL) at the University of Zurich. Due to our extensive network, we receive a lot of collaboration requests. Our time and resources are limited, so we try to assess and answer requests as efficiently as possible. To provide a fast response, see below the steps needed to review your collaboration idea.

Step 1: Initial Contact

What we need from you: Information about the collaboration topic, type, and duration as well as any other information that might be relevant to us (e.g. project context, involved parties, and their roles). We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Step 2: Getting the necessary information

Goal: We want to get and provide all necessary information to understand the collaboration and its potential value. To validate our collaboration, it might be advisable to have a quick call or meeting to discuss possible questions.

What we need from you: Further information about

  • Context: The project / strategic framework / organization this collaboration is part of 
  • Content: What will you provide and what is expected from us?
  • Deliverables: The timeline for the collaboration in the deliverables  
  • Participants: Who is involved in the project and the collaboration? 
  • Funding: Financial impact (money and time) of the collaboration
  • Marketing and communication: What is planned? What can / should we communicate when via which channels?  

Step 3: Validate Collaboration-Fit

After receiving the information, we will assess your collaboration request. This can take up to 4 weeks. For bigger collaborations, it could take longer as we need to consult the DHL committee.

Step 4: Start Collaboration

The final acceptance your collaboration request is given via email or a call. For all collaborative projects, we communicate the start of the project via our homepage and social media (Twitter & Instagram: @digihistlab).