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Historisches Seminar


General Areas of Research

– History of the Asia-Pacific region
– History of modern Japan
– Migration history
– Imperial and colonial history
– Maritime history
– Transcultural, entangled, and connected histories

Research Topics

– History of the prewar Japanese diaspora in the Asia-Pacific region
– History of nineteenth-century Japanese imperialism
– Steamships and modernity
– Sugar production in the Pacific world
– Voice and narrative in Global History
– The nuclear village in Japan

Current projects and collaborations

  • North-South Engagements between Asia and the ‘Southern Seas’

    This project examines Asian engagements with the oceanic south, taken here to be the Southern Indian and Southern Pacific Oceans in the modern era.

    The DOCUMENT Project is a series of collaborative conversations and workshops that seeks to rethink the notion of the document.
  • Collaborations

    The Chair of Global History has many ongoing and former collaborations with other researchers and museums.