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Historisches Seminar


The DOCUMENT Project (2021–2024) is a series of collaborative conversations and workshops that seeks to rethink the notion of the document. The project brings together nine scholars and practitioners based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and the U.S. in the field of history, art, and creative writing. What draws historians with expertise in transpacific migration, marine environment, and the history of diplomacy together with artists who work on digital imaging, performances, sculptures, and poetry? What links them is that their work has involved the use of historical documents and archives. The project seeks to critically reevaluate conventional and normative practices of history and proposes alternative and new modes of approaching the past. The project attempts to create a space of making, performing, and writing that goes beyond disciplinary boundaries.

The project website is named after “dokumentaryo” in Filipino, along with the hybrid forms of creative “space” we find ourselves in these days. On the website the participants of DOCUMENT will share their conversations, reflections, ideas, and their individual and collaborative projects which resulted from these creative cross-disciplinary conversations.


  • Martin Dusinberre
  • James Jack
  • Hilmi Johandi
  • Anthony Medrano
  • Collier Nogues
  • Siddharta Perez
  • Aki Sasamoto
  • Naoko Shimazu
  • Lawrence Lacambra Ypil