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Department of Communication and Media Research

Minor Methods-Data-Society

Digitalisation and measurement of society leads to a large amount of data on social interactions and human behaviour. Specialists with a broad and well-founded repertoire of social science methodological skills are wanted within and outside the scientific community to analytically accompany the process of digitizing society and to provide a basis for decision-making on social development. The minor Methods - Data - Society expands the knowledge and skills of social science quantitative and qualitative methodology. In particular, the competence in statistics is conveyed in order to analyse socially relevant questions and derive conclusions, which can support decision-making. Using various methodological instruments, data from public administration, (social) media, surveys or experiments are processed, analysed and the findings conveyed in a way that is appropriate for the target group.

The program regulations can be found under Minor Social Sciences

As German is mandatory for this program, details are available on the German website.

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Flyer for the program (German)