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Faculty of Law

Doctoral Studies

The doctorate is divided into the general doctorate and various doctoral programs. 

For both the general doctorate and the doctoral programs, the RS 6.1.1 Ordinance on the Conferral of the Doctorate of Jurisprudence (Dr. iur.) at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich (Ordinance for obtaining a Doctoral degree) is applicable.The doctoral programs are regulated in more details in the doctoral regulations, which supplement the above-mentioned Ordinance and is available for download from the collection of Legal Documents of the Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law recommends registering the topic of the dissertation in the Register of Legal Dissertations, which is administered by the Faculty of Law of the University of Fribourg for all Swiss law faculties. The registration fee of CHF 40.- will be paid by the Faculty of Law. In order to obtain the access code for the registration of your dissertation, please fill in the corresponding form (PDF, 1 MB) electronically and subit it via contact form (section "Study planning - Doctorate/PhD").

If you are considering submitting an electronic dissertation, you must comply with the regulations contained in the information sheet of the Zurich Central Library

For the publication of the dissertation in the electronic database of Swisslex, the corresponding guidelines must be followed. It is recommended to study all documents before writing the dissertation. 

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