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Special issue: Chinese Food in new settings

As guest editors, Françoise Sabban and Mareile Flitsch recently published the „Special issue : Chinese food in new settings. Journal of Chinese Dietary Culture = 中國飲食文化, vol. 12, n° 2 (October 2016). ISSN : 1811-9301. Purchasable at:


Special Issue
  • Françoise Sabban, Mareile Flitsch : Introduction, pp. 1-20.
  • Leo Pang : Repackaging Regional Chinese Cuisine: The Professionalization of Regional Chinese Restaurants in Sydney, pp. 21-62.
  • Lena Kaufmann : Everyday Strategies of Rural Migrants: Assembling Skills in Mala tang Production, pp. 63-112
  • Aël Théry : Cooking and Being a Cook: Identity in Practice and Perception, pp. 113-134.
  • 蔡倩玟 (Chien-Wen Tsai) : 從「烹飪」到「廚藝」:法國料理藝術化之展望, pp. 135-172.
  • 郭忠豪 (Chung-Hao Kuo) : Book Review: Chop Suey, USA: The Story of Chinese Food in America, pp. 173-181.