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Impressions of the conference «Museum Cooperation between Africa and Europe»

The conference «Museum Cooperation between Africa and Europe: Opportunities, Challenges, and Modalities» brought together about 70 scholars and museum practitioners on 1-3 December at the Ethnographic Museum at the University of Zurich.

The presenters from Africa and Europe, among them museum professionals with long-standing experience, gave insights into their practical experiences with cooperation projects while at the same time also framing them theoretically within current debates of museology.

Featuring 22 presentations in total the conference was rather small compared to others and readily comprehensible – this created an intense atmosphere with much intellectual exchange, thought-provoking impulses and opportunity for networking taking place right from the start of the conference.

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The conference was generously supported by several organizations. The convenors would like to thank the following funders for their support:

  • Swiss Society for African Studies
  • Swiss Anthropological Association
  • Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Swiss National Science Foundation
  • International Council of Museums
  • Carl Schlettwein Foundation
  • University of Basel (SARECO)
  • University of Zurich (Hochschulstiftung)

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