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Dominique Kuenzle, PD Dr.



  • Philosophy of Language: focus on pragmatist accounts of linguistic meaning in terms of language use (Wittgenstein, Brandom)
  • Epistemology: focus on metaepistemological questions regarding epistemology’s aims and criteria of success
  • Feminist philosophy: focus on feminist epistemology and philosophy of language in the analytic tradition
  • Existentialism: Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre, de Beauvoir
  • Critical thinking: argumentative and conceptual competences, methods in philosophy

Curriculum vitae

2021 Interview in "Sternstunde Philosophie" (Swiss public broadcaster SRF), discussion of whether questions of social justice are usefully framed in terms of sensitivity (in German)
2020 Interview in "Sternstunde Philosophie" (Swiss public broadcaster SRF), discussion of some worrying stats concerning men and the role of masculine norms and identities (in German)


Interview in "Sternstunde Philosophie" (Swiss public broadcaster SRF), discussion of the ethics and legality of prostitution (in German).


Appointed as Privatdozent in philosophy, Venia Legendi for philosophy at the University of Zurich


Habilitation with the thesis "Refurbishing the Epistemic Realm: A New Meta-Epistemology"

Since 2010

Teacher for philosophy, 2010–2016 at the Kantonsschule Heerbrugg, 2016– at the Kantonsschule Wil (SG)

2004 – 2010 

Research assistant at the chair for theoretical philosophy (Prof. Dr. Peter Schulthess), University of Zurich

1999 – 2005 

Phd at the University of Sheffield (UK) "Referring Performances - Towards an Account of Singular Term Use" supervised by Christopher Hookway und Jennifer Saul

2001 – 2002 

Research fellow at the University of Pittsburgh (supervised by Robert Brandom)

1993 – 1999 

Studies (lic. phil.) in philosophy, history and German literature with the thesis "Rorty und Davidson über Wahrheit", supervised by P. Schulthess



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