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Department of Philosophy

Recognition of Academic Achievement

General Remarks

Before the Student Exchange: Credit-Transfer Agreement
Before starting the student exchange, a credit-transfer agreement should be concluded with the Student Advisory Service. If possible, please inform the Student Advisor during your first meeting with them which modules in your course of study you would like to substitute with which modules at your host university.

After the Student Exchange: Request for Recognition of Academic Achievement
As soon as you receive a transcript of records from the host university, you should send the following documents to to Student Advisory Service:

  • The credit-transfer agreement signed by you and the Student Advisor
  • Final Transcript of records (including information about the grading system and the type of credits earned) as PDF document (no png, jpg, screenshots or similar formats)

If you plan to earn credit outside the University of Zurich in the last semester of your studies, consult the Administrative Administrative Head of Department of Philosophy in good time about the relevant deadlines.

The Office of Student Affairs decides any questions about the recognition of academic achievement. Recognized academic achievement will appear in your summary of credits and in your transcript of records.

Recognition of Academic Achievement after Transferring from Another University

Applications for credit to be transferred to your philosophy studies must be sent by post to the Student Advisory Service. Credit cannot be accepted if the corresponding academic achievement has already been credited towards a degree or qualification.

A request for the recognition of academic achievement cannot be considered without the following information and documents:

  • First name, surname, matriculation number, subject combination
  • Transcript of records
  • To receive credit for academic achievement in logic: documents showing the scope and content of the logic course attended (descriptions from course catalogues, lecture notes and reading lists for the course etc.)