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Karl Alex Müller

Karl Alex Müller

  • Nobelpreis für Physik 1987

Academic Curriculum Vitae

Studies of physics at ETH Zurich (with Paul Scherrer, Wolfgang Pauli)

1958 Dissertation

1959-1963 Head of the Magnetic Resonance Group at the Battelle Memorial Institute in Geneva

1963-1992 at the IBM research laboratory in Rüschlikon, Switzerland

1971-1985 Head of the Physics Department of IBM Research Laboratory in Rüschlikon, Switzerland

since 1982 as IBM Fellow

1962-1970 Privatdozent at the University of Zurich

1970-1986 Titular Professor at the University of Zurich

1987-1994 Professor at the University of Zurich


Karl Alex Müller published a number of groundbreaking papers in the field of magnetic resonance and phase transformations in ferroelectrics (especially strontium titanate). In 1986 he achieved a scientific breakthrough together with Hans Georg Bednorz. They discovered a new class of superconductors, the so-called high-temperature or cuprate superconductors, with transition temperatures far above those of conventional superconductors. For this groundbreaking discovery, they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1987.


1987 Nobel Prize in Physics

Talks and Movies

MR-70 Conference, Kazan, Russia, 2014

M2S-2012 Conference, Washington, USA, 2012

International Symposium on the Jahn-Teller Effect, Tsukaba, Japan, 2012

Weiterführende Informationen

Nobel Prize in Physics 1987

"for the pioneering discovery of superconductivity in ceramic materialsf".

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1987

K. Alex Müller

* 20 April 1927 in Basel