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Information: Defenses


  • Registration for the PhD Defence via the PhD Admin tool
    The student needs to register via the StudentAdmin tool 6-8 weeks before the defense
  • Expert report:
    Both the head of the committee and the PhD advisor (if not the same) and an external reviewer formulate an expert report. The referee reports mus be finished 15 days before the defense. The external reviewer was not involved in the dissertation project.
  • Formal requirements for the expert report
    - written on paper with a letterhead
    - first page must mention the student's name and thesis title
    -if the thesis contains publications with multiple authors, at least one of the reports must address the student's personal contributions
    - the report must be signed
  • Circulation round:
    Upload Referee reports at least 15 days before the defense.
    The circulation round consists of at least four faculty members at the Physics Institute in addition to the directly responsible faculty member.  The circulation will be arranged by the main advisor.
  • Defense: no less than 6 and no more than 12 weeks after registration
    The colloquium involves a 30 minutes lecture, which is open to the public, and a subsequent minimum 30 minutes closed disputation on questions in the dissertation’s subject area. The PhD supervisor and at least two additional members who possess the right to confer a PhD at the Faculty of Science, one of which is not in the Doctoral Committee must be present at the disputation. The reviewers and the direct PhD advisor will be invited to the disputation, even if they are neither members of the faculty nor the doctoral committee.
  • After the defense: upload the protocol to StudentAdmin (see Tutorial (PDF, 94 KB))
    this needs to be done by the professor not the PhD student.
    If the thesis is accepted without restrictions, NO content-related corrections are allowed (only typos)!
  • Submission of the final thesis version to ZORA via StudentAdmin, this needs to be done by the student. The head of the PhD committee needs to verify and confirm the final version on StudentAdmin and initiate the publication process. You may set an embargo of up to 12 months. (see Tutorial (PDF, 94 KB))
  • Graduation ceremony: the date will be confirmed by an email from the Dean's office.


  • Registration Master exam
    The master examination takes place as part of the "seminar for bachelor's and master's presen-
    tation" every Thursday between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. in Y36-K-08. Registration for the master's exam must be made as early as possible, at least 2 weeks before the desired date.

  • Master exam
    The module exam for the master’s thesis consists of two parts, which each take about 30 minutes and are both graded. Firstly, students present their master’s thesis in a public presentation. In the second part, which is not open to the public, students must defend their thesis against a minimum of two lecturers. The questions focus on the field of the thesis.

  • Submission of the Master Thesis
    The master's thesis must be submitted no later than 2 weeks before the date of the master's
    examination to the supervisor (if nothing else is agreed upon).


  • Presentation
    The bachelor thesis ends with a presentation. The presentation lasts 25 minutes and is held as
    part of the «Seminar for Bachelor and Master thesis».
  • Submission of the bachelor thesis
    The bachelor's thesis must be submitted no later than 2 weeks before the date of the bachelor's