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News 2017

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  • Open Day

    Open Day 2017, November 27

    Members of the Physics Department presented 40 posters with current research directions and ideas for future experiments and lead through the mechanical workshop and the research laboratories.

  • Gravitational waves

    Gravitational Waves - Nobel Prize 2017 in physics

    The prize was awarded to R. Weiss, B. Barish and K. Thorne for their contributions to the LIGO detector, which directly detected gravitational waves for the first time in 2015. The group of Philippe Jetzer of UZH is involved in research with gravitational waves.

  • Group Neupert

    ERC grant to study quantum matter

    Titus Neupert, assistant professor of theoretical solid-state physics at the Institute of Physics at the University of Zurich, receives an ERC (European Research Council) grant for the research of new quantum materials.

  • Weyl Fermion

    Annihilation of Weyl fermions observed in a crystal

    A collaboration of researchers from Beijing, Princeton, and the University of Zurich demonstrated how Weyl fermion excitations can be annihilated in a crystal via the application of a strong magnetic field.

  • Scientifica

    Scientifica 2017 - what data reveal

    Our institute was present at Scientifica 2017 with a show, two short lectures and a booth.


  • Insulator

    Realization of a combined band- and Mott insulator

    Recently the UZH research group of Johan Chang uncovered - using angle-resolved photoemission electron spectroscopy - the nature of the Mott phase in Ca2RuO4 that has puzzled for decades.

  • CMS insertion

    CMS - barrel pixel detector inserted

    The upgraded CMS barrel pixel detector system was built in part at the Physik Institut by the CMS group during the past 5 years. Beginning of March 2017 it was inserted into the CMS detector at CERN.

  • LHCb RK*

    LHCb - new results that test lepton universality

    New measurements by the LHCb experiment show an unexpected  deviation from  predictions by the Standard Model of particle physics.


  • Dark Matter

    Hidden Forces in the Universe

    In an interview with GeoKompakt UZH Professor Laura Baudis talks about Dark Matter and Dark Energies

  • Logo

    ZPW17 - the second run of the LHC

    Zurich Phenomenology Workshop is a forum for particle physics researchers to discuss the latest developments in phenomenology. It took place in Zurich January 9-11 2017.