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ERC grant to study quantum matter

Titus Neupert, assistant professor of theoretical solid-state physics at the Institute of Physics at the University of Zurich, receives an ERC (European Research Council) grant for the research of new quantum materials.

Group Neupert

Titus Neupert, assistant professor at the Department of Physics, receives an ERC grant for the research of new quantum materials. The research will focus on so-called topological states of matter, which are characterized by exceptionally robust and universal properties. For example, they can have an exactly quantized electrical conductivity or contain exotic quasi-particles whose physical properties go beyond those of naturally occurring elementary particles. In future applications these materials could be used as conductors with no resistivity in electronic circuits or as building blocks for a quantum computer. The working group of Titus Neupert will use the latest algorithms from computer science to explore the potential of these quantum systems using artificial intelligence and machine learning.