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News 2018

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  • DECTRIS Prize

    Congratulations to Chris Marentini, the winner of the first annual DECTRIS Experimental Physics Prize! The Prize is given to an excellent Master's thesis in experimental physics at our institute.

  • Proseminar 2018

    Proseminar in experimental physics 2018

    Class of Herbstsemester 18 with coaches. On chairs: Best talk Lorena Niggli, Hakan trophy for the best question: Simon Buse. Monday December 17, Photo Kay Waltar.

  • How particle physics works

    How particle-physics works: hope and worries on the B-physics anomalies

    Short movie illustrating the work of experimental and theoretical physicists of our institute that work together to understand recent puzzling results in B-physics reported by the LHCb experiment.

  • Nanowire

    Bismuth on higher ground

    Together with international collaborators the group of Titus Neupert reached a new understanding of the electronic properties of elementary bismuth

  • Nanowire

    Novel Insulators with Conducting Edges

    The group of Titus Neupert is researching a new class of materials: Higher-order topological insulators. The edges of these crystalline solids conduct electric current without dissipation,

  • Nanowire

    Higgs boson reaches the top

    The CMS experiment at CERN unambiguously demonstrates the interaction of the Higgs boson and top quarks. This major milestone is an important step forward in our understanding of the origins of mass.

  • Open Day

    Open Day 2018, November 2, 15:00-19:00

    Members of the Physics Department presented 40 posters with current research directions and ideas for future experiments and lead through the mechanical workshop and the research laboratories.

  • Open Day

    Open Day 2018, November 2

    Members of the Physics Department presented posters with current research directions and ideas for future experiments and lead through the mechanical workshop and the research laboratories.

  • LHCb Xicc

    LHCb - a new charming particle

    LHCb reports the observation of a new particle with two charm and one up quark. The mass is about 3621 MeV, which is almost four times heavier than the proton. It is the first time that such a particle has been unambiguously detected.


  • LHCb Event

    LHCb - where has all the antimatter gone?

    LHCb is an experiment set up to explore what happened after the Big Bang that allowed matter to survive and build the Universe we inhabit today.


  • Laura Baudis

    Laura Baudis: Dark Matter

    Only a small part of the matter in the universe is visible, a large part of the matter is dark - more in this Talk

  • Nanowire

    5th Higgs anniversary

    The discovery of the Higgs boson by the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations was announced five years ago, on 4 July 2012. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of this discovery, CMS released six videos with young researchers among them Daniel Salerno from UZH.

  • Topology Workshop

    Workshop on Topological Phenomena in Quantum Matter

    Experimental and theoretical physicists met November 21-22 2016 at the Department of Physics to discuss recent progress in the understanding of topological and spin-orbit coupled strongly correlated materials.

  • Nanowire

    XENON1T probes deeper into Dark Matter

    New results from XENON1T, the world’s largest and most sensitive detector dedicated to a direct search for Dark Matter in the form of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs), were reported May 28.

  • Mechanical Workshop

    Mechanical workshop - courses for students

    The courses in the mechanical workshop for students in the third semester take place in January and February

  • Mechanical Workshop

    CMS - upgrade barrel pixel detector

    The upgraded CMS barrel pixel detector system was built in part at the Physik Institut by the CMS group. In January 2017, the four cylindrical half-shell systems were sent to PSI.

  • PPC group photo

    PPC 2018 workshop, August 2018

    Experts from different fields in Physics discussed the connections between particle physics and cosmology at the international conference 'Interconnection between Particle Physics and Cosmology', which took place in August 2018 in Zurich.

  • Gran Sasso Laboratory

    Darwin experiment in CERN Courier

    The DARWIN observatory proposed to be built at Gran Sasso in the mid-2020s promises to be the ultimate dark-matter detector, probing the WIMP paradigm to its limit (more).

  • 2D growth

    Scalable growth of two dimensional (2D) materials

    Centimeter sized boron nitride can be grown on and exfoliated from a single-crystalline rhodium thin film substrate. The findings have been highlighted in Science, 359, 649 (2018).

  • WaterDrops

    Water Drops as a Model for Static Friction and Adhesion

    Physicists at the University of Zurich have developed a system to electrically switch back and forth the adhesion and stiction of a water drop on a solid surface.

  • Gran Sasso Laboratory

    Publication in Nature: new Results from GERDA

    The GERDA collaboration published new results on the hunt  for neutrinoless double beta decay, April 6, 2017

  • Laura Baudis in Lab

    Xenoscope: an observatoy for dark matter and neutrinos

    Laura Baudis, UZH professor in physics, received an ERC (European Research Council) Grant for the investigation of dark matter and neutrinos.

  • Ehrengast Einstein

    Dr. William D. Phillips: Time, Einstein and the coolest Stuff in the Universe

    Thursday, March 22, 19:00, Y04-G-30

  • Schroedinger

    Schrödinger in Arosa

    While he was professor for theoretical physics at the University of Zurich, the later Nobel laureate Erwin Schrödinger revolutionized physics. He achieved his breakthrough during the Christmas holidays in Arosa in 1925

  • BTTB6

    6th Beam Telescope and Test Beam Workshop, 16th - 19th January 2018

    This workshop covers a wide range of topics related to test beams for detector studies in tracking detectors, calorimetry and beyond.

  • CMS Higgs

    Particle Physics Masterclass 2018

    Discover the world of quarks and leptons - an introduction to the world of particle physics for high school students. The master class will take place March 23 (in german)

  • ZPW2018

    ZPW2018 - Flavours: light, heavy and dark, 15.-17. Jan. 2018

    Zurich Phenomenology Workshop: 15.-17. January 2018

  • Vector Bosons

    Theory meets Experiment in Particle Physics

    Theoretical particle physicists of UZH have completed new precision calculations for processes involving vector boson pairs that describe the LHC data at unprecedented accuracy