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Theory meets Experiment: Ultimate precision for the Drell-Yan process

Theoretical particle physicists of the group of Massimiliano Grazzini have completed the first computation of strong-electroweak corrections to the Drell-Yan process.

Drell Yan
The Drell-Yan process is one of the most classic hard-scattering processes at hadron colliders and led to the discovery of the W and Z bosons at the CERN SpS in 1983.  Theoretical particle physicists at the University of Zurich have completed the first computation of the mixed QCD–EW corrections for the neutral-current Drell-Yan process. The calculation is obtained with techniques which combine scattering amplitudes generated with automated tools also developed in Zurich, with sophisticated analytical methods and advanced numerical integration techniques. Such result paves the way to new precision studies for this benchmark process at the LHC.
DY predictions