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Congratulations to Marino Missiroli

who has been elected as Trigger Coordinator of the CMS experiment

Marino Missiroli will join the management team of the CMS experiment as Trigger Co-Coordinator in September 2023. The task of the Trigger Coordinator is to implement the strategy for the selection of the interesting events for upcoming physics measurements and searches for new physics. The Trigger Coordinator is responsible for providing an operational „trigger menu“, which is matched to each running condition at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Furthermore, the Trigger Coordinator is charged with overseeing the CMS trigger system during data-taking and ensuring efficient and reliable performance with the high intensities of the beams expected in the coming years. The two CMS Trigger Coordinators lead a team of about 200 researchers and PhD students that are engaged in the trigger study group. The trigger study group is divided into four activity areas, namely operations, monitoring, software and upgrade. The main challenges facing the group involve the preparation of optimally suited trigger menus for the present conditions, while at the same time adopting new tools and developments in the design of trigger concepts for high-luminosity LHC.