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PHY291 Proseminar in Experimental Physics

Thursdays, 10:15 - 12:00, UZH Y36K08  - Irchel Campus - only
2 ETCS points (60 h)

Language: English
Attendance: mandatory, at least 80%
Grading: 1, 1.5, 2, ...6

General information

With a focus on the experimental aspect, we will cover Nobelprizes (NP) in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine where the corresponding Noble lecture shall be the starting point for the 15 minutes presentations.

The students pick one available NP suggested by the coaches. The slots will be assigned during the first proseminar.

The format attempts to simulate a conference environment in which you present your findings to a peer audience, which is composed of your fellow students. 

Learning Outcome

After successful participation in the proseminar, the student will have learned:

1. to use the basic methods of literature retrieval

2. to condense the knowledge from scientific sources into a presentation

3. to obtain good presentation skills

4. details about the experimental aspects and methods of research 

5. how to connect with and get support from their coach

6. to answer to questions/comments to their presentation

Additional information

The live-talks should take15 minutes, additional 10 minutes are reserved for questions and discussion.

The slides are sent as a pdf file to the coordinator and are shared on a password protected link.

Evaluation criteria:

0. appeal of the title

1. structure and organization of the talk

2. presentation of basic knowledge

3. presentation of advanced aspects

4. quality and relevance of presented formulae and figures

5. the clarity of the presentation

6. the ability to present the topic with excitement and enthusiasm

7. time keeping

8. the ability to trigger and answer questions and comments

9. quality of questions from the audience

10. use of scientific references and correct citation

11. the participation on your colleagues' presentations

The grade is reflects the quality of your presentation reflected in the above 11 points.

You are selecting the 3 best comments/questions for your talk, which serves as the basis for selecting the student with the best question. 

The questions are ranked by the coaches and the best will receive an award.


Documents (sharepoint)

Handout Introduction to Literature Research: link





Proseminar in Experimental Physics: Program

pan# date speaker topic coach  



Greber, Véron


slot assignment

  Slides  L1 (PDF, 1 MB)
  29.02.2024 Véron Literature research   Slides L2 (PDF, 3 MB)
  07.03.2024 Véron Literature research with AI   Slides L2+3 (PDF, 6 MB)




Quasicrystals, 2011


Quasicrystals Redifining order (PDF, 1 MB)


5 10:50 Melchisedekow

Black holes, 2020

Starting into the Void (PDF, 1 MB)
6 11:25 Herzog

Cosmic microwave background, 2006

Soares The proof of the Big Bang theory (PDF, 2 MB)



Forrest Attosecond pulses, 2023 Hengsberger Breaking Boundaries (PDF, 1 MB)
8 10:50 Odrljin

Cosmic neutrinos, 2002

Penning Where are the rest of the Neurinos? (PDF, 9 MB)
9 11:25 Brunner Scanning tunneling microscope, 1986 Natterer Make Atoms visible (PDF, 1 MB)



Holthuis High Tc, 1987 Schilling Discovering High-Temperature Superconductivity (PDF, 730 KB)
15 10:50 Gälli Tunneling in conductors, 1973 Natterer Tunneling in Conductors (PDF, 2 MB)



Danioth High resolution nuclear magnetic resonance, 1991 Aegerter  
18 10:50 Baumgartner X-ray cristallography, 1915 Schilling  



Kurz Cosmic microwave background, 1978 Penning  
20 10:50 Boison Transistor, 1956 Hengsberger  
21 11:25


Graphene, 2010 Latychevskaia  
  23.05.2024 All Summary, Foto&Award All  

Literature Coach