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Seminar in Physics

Thursday afternoon

UZH Y36 K08 - Irchel Campus

FV : afterwards Fakultätsversammlung

Spring Semester 2016


Date Time Title Speaker Host FV
25.02.2016 15:00 The impact of range adjusted ITV on integral dose, cancer risk and normal tissue complication probability in proton therapy and comparison to photon therapy (Mastervortrag) Julia Lonsky Schneider  
10.03.2016 16:00 Holographic Diffraction Imaging at the Nano-scale by Coherent Hard X-ray Synchrotron Radiation (Promotionsvortrag) Mirna Saliba Osterwalder
17.03.2016 15:00 Kabel Test für die FlashCam des Cherenkov Telescope Array (Bachelorvortrag) Oliver Dahme Straumann  
16:00 New Approach to the Circle Hough Transform for Detecting Cherenkov Rings in the LHCb RICH detector (Mastervortrag) Philipp Gloor Saha  
31.03.2016 15:00 Model-order reduction in the nonlinear Schrödinger equation (Mastervortrag) Tino Bächtold Saha  
16:00 Design of a Dual-phase Xenon TPC with a Hybrid Photosensor Array (Mastervortrag) Andrea Gmuer Baudis  
12.05.2016 15:00 Development of an experimental setup for fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy using time-corraleted single photon counting technique (Mastervortrag) Anna Pataki Aegerter  
19.05.2016 16:00 Dark energy: Theoretical motivation and experimental searches (Probevorlesung) Nicolas Greiner    
02.06.2016 14:30 Electronic and Spatial Structures of Self-Assembled Diamondoid Monolayers (Mastervortrag) Markus Baumgartner Osterwalder
15:30 Inelastic WIMP-Nucleus Interactions in XENON100 and Cables and Connectors for XENON1T (Promotionsvortrag) Gaudenz Kessler Baudis  
Wednesday 15.06.2016 15:00 Tidal Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies in Cosmological Simulations (Promotionsvortrag) Mihai Tomozeiu Mayer  
16.06.2016 15:00 A symplectic multistepping integration for planetary collisions (Mastervortrag) Jonas Rüegsegger Stadel  
17:15 Formation pathways and dynamics of Supermassive Black Holes in Hierarchical Galaxy Formation (Promotionsvortrag) Davide Fiacconi Mayer  
30.06.2016 15:00 Alloying CdTe with Se, a possible route to improve CdTe solar cells (Mastervortrag) Annina Spescha Fink  
17:00 Measurement of Open Charm and Double Open Charm Production Cross Sections and Ratios in pp Collisions at √s = 2.76 TeV with the LHCb Experiment (Mastervortrag) Enzio Crivelli Straumann  
18:00 Top-Bottom Interference for Higgs Production in Gluon Fusion at NLO in QCD (Promotionsvortrag) Gizem Oeztürk Gehrmann / Wyler  
07.07.2016 15:00 Characterization of silicon photomultiplier arrays in liquid xenon and development of dedicated read-out electronics (Mastervortrag) Sandro D'Amato Baudis  
16:00 Construction and Characterization of a Doubochinski Pendulum (Bachelorvortrag) Tranquillo Janisch Aegerter  
Tuesday 19.07.2016 15:00 Aufbau eines Demonstrationsexperiments zum Photoeffekt (Bachelorvortrag) Till Stöckli Osterwalder / Hengsberger  
21.07.2016 14:00 Automated computation of the muon decay at NLO (Mastervortrag) Yannick Ulrich Signer  
15:00 Radiation hydrodynamics of star formation (Mastervortrag) Philipp Denzel Teyssier  
16:00 Orbital Selective Mott Physics in Ca2RuO4 - An angle resolved photo emission study (Bachelorvortrag) Fabio Cossalter Chang  
17:00 Feasibility studies of B -> K τ τ decay (Bachelorvortrag) Alexander Dätwyler Serra  

Koordination: Simone von Burg Black