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Seminar in Solid State Physics

Wednesday 11:15

UZH Campus Irchel: Y36-K-08

Spring Semester 2019


Date Speaker Title Host
2019-02-13 Aris Alexandradinata The phase of magnetic quantum oscillations as a topological invariant, and a full symmetry classification of avoided Landau-level crossings Alexey Soluyanov

Fabian Natterer

 Scanning tunneling microscopy based single atom electron spin resonance  
2019-02-27 Takuto Kawakami

Spin 3/2 topological phases in antiperovskite materials  (DOCX, 85 KB)

2019-03-06 Daniel Destraz Experimental results on the predicted Weyl semimetal PrAlGe  

Hai Lin 

Explore new superconductors in layered transition metal chalcogenides by using topochemical reactions  
2019-03-13 Vardan Kaladzhyan Transport in Weyl nanowires Titus Neupert
2019-03-20 Philip Willmott X-radiation from fourth-generation storage rings Thomas Greber
2019-03-27 Katharina Franke Yu-Shiba-Rusinov States in Single Atoms and Molecules on Superconductors Titus Neupert
2019-04-03 Zbynek Novotny Probing solid-liquid interfaces with tender X-rays  

Kenny Choo

Neural Networks for Many-Body Physics


Manfred Fiebig

Fun Stuff to do with Multiferroic Order Parameters (DOCX, 14 KB) Marta Gibert

Ganesh Paul

Y22 F68

Majorana nanowire with unconventional superconductivity and RKKY interaction in Borophene (PDF, 44 KB) Titus Neupert
2019-04-17 Ulrich Aschauer Pressure and biaxial strain dependent properties of perovskite oxides and derived mixed-anion materials  
2019-05-08 Michael Scot Altman  Visualizing Hidden Structures and Strain in Two-dimensional Dirac and nodal line semimetals on Surfaces (DOCX, 70 KB) Thomas Greber
2019-05-14 Tomas Bzdusek  Beyond the Tenfold Way: Non-abelian Topology in Noninteracting Metals

Alexey Soluyanov

2019-05-15 Christian Ruegg New Phases of Magnetic Quantum Matter Studied by Neutrons, Muons and Photons (PDF, 19 KB) Marta Gibert
2019-05-22 Eric Dufresne Phase-separation in an elastic matrix: from living cells to synthetic materials (DOCX, 12 KB) Christof Aegerter
2019-05-29 Niels B.M. Schröter Angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of chiral topological semimetals and Majorana heterostructures Alexey Soluyanov
2019-06-05 Yeong Kwan Kim

Controlling the electronic structure via surface electron doping (DOCX, 87 KB)

Johan Chang

2019-08-21 Lei Shu Broken time-reversal symmetry in superconducting Pr1-xLaxPt4Ge12 (PDF, 117 KB)

Johan Chang



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