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Seminar in Condensed Matter Physics

Wednesday 11:15

UZH Campus Irchel: Y36-K-08


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Spring Semester 2021


Date Speaker Title Host
13-01-2021 Siham Benhabib

Ultrasound evidence for a two-component superconducting order parameter in Sr2RuO4 (PDF, 88 KB)

Johan Chang


3 PM

Juan Carrasquilla Variational Neural Annealing Maciej Koch-Janusz
10-03-2021 Alexander Steppke Superconductors under uniaxial pressure: Exploring Sr2RuO4 and FeSe Johan Chang
17-03-2021 Berk Zengin and Jens Oppliger Fast Spectroscopic Mapping of two-dimensional quantum materials Fabian Natterer


4 PM

Casey Wojcik Non-Hermitian Eigenvalue Topology (PDF, 64 KB) Tomáš Bzdusek 
24-03-2021 Saül Vélez

Spintronics with magnetic insulators (DOCX, 16 KB)

Marta Gibert
31-03-2021 Jens Wiebe Artificial spin chains on superconductor surfaces (PDF, 102 KB) Fabian Natterer
7-04-2021 Christian Degen 

New tools for probing nanoscale magnetism (DOCX, 13 KB)

Fabian Natterer
14-04-2021 Wolfgang Simeth  Magnetic multi-Q structures and topology in f-electron materials (DOCX, 14 KB) Marc Janoschek


3 PM

Priscila Rosa Puzzling over the superconducting order parameter of UTe2 (DOCX, 13 KB) Marc Janoschek
28-04-2021 Max Hirschberger

Spirals and skyrmions in centrosymmetric magnets and their emergent electromagnetism (DOCX, 13 KB)

Titus Neupert
5-05-2021 Bernat Mundet Using STEM-EELS as a Swiss Knife Tool to Extract Atomic-Scale Information from Rare-Earth Nickelate Heterostructures (PDF, 10 KB) Marta Gibert
12-05-2021 Claude Monney Testing the stability of charge-ordered phase transitions in IrTe2 (DOCX, 13 KB)

Juerg Osterwalder, Matthias Hengsberger

19-05-2021 Christoph Renner  Electronic Vortex Core Structure of d-Wave High Temperature Superconductors Fabian Natterer
26-05-2021 Philip King

Spin correlations and excitations in delafossite oxides from angle-resolved photoemission (DOC, 31 KB)

Johan Chang
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