Seminar in Solid State Physics

Wednesday 11:15

UZH Y36 J 33 - Campus Irchel

Fall Semester 2017


Date Speaker Title Local Contact
Tuesday, 05.09.2017 14:00 Peter Krüger (Chiba University, Japan) Theoretical advances in angle-resolved photoemission of oriented molecules and X-ray absorption of individual nanocrystals L. Castiglioni
27.09.2017 Andres Saul (CINaM/CNRS Marseille, France) Magnetoelastic interactions in a system of orthogonal Cu dimers: magnetostriction experiments and density functional calculations T. Greber
18.10.2017 Gaetano Granozzi (University of Padova, Italy) A Rational Design of Advanced Nanoarchitectures for Energetics by a Surface Science Based Approach (DOCX, 477 KB) J. Osterwalder



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