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Seminar in Solid State Physics

Wednesday 11:15

UZH Campus Irchel: Y36-J-33

Fall Semester 2018


Date Speaker Title Host
2018-09-05 Alex Kruchkov (Harward) Origin of Magic Angles in Moiré Graphene Superlattices (PDF, 59 KB) (illunstrations (PDF, 413 KB)) J. Chang
2018-09-06, room 36-K-08 Jhinhwan Lee (KAIST, Korea) Discovery of Superconductivity Controlled by Spin Current (DOC, 32 KB) J. Chang
2018-10-03 Frank Schindler (UZH) Higher-Order Topological Phases  
Xiaofu Zhang (UZH) Novel phase diagram and quantum phase transitions in 2D superconducting systems  
2018-10-10 Peter Staar (IBM) AI assisted Scalable Knowledge Ingestion for Automated Discoveries A. Soluyanov
2018-10-17 Tilman Esslinger (ETH) Building quantum systems from scratch A. Schilling
2018-10-24 Jaroslav Fabian (University of Regensburg) Electron spin in the 2D realm: proximity effects A. Soluyanov
2018-10-31 Benoît Fauqué (ESPCI, Paris) Thermodynamic and transport properties of graphite at high magnetic field (PDF, 183 KB) J. Chang
2018-11-14 Dmitry Abanin (University of Geneva) New non-equilibrium quantum states enabled by breakdown of thermalization T. Neupert
2018-11-21 Peter Puschnig (Graz University) Organic-metal interfaces investigated by photoemission tomography J. Osterwalder
2018-11-28 Aram Kostanyan (UZH) Magnetic Properties of Endohedral Fullerenes with Sub-Kelvin Extension  

Masafumi Horio (UZH)

Angle-Resolved Photoemission Observation of Multi-Band Physics in a Cuprate Superconductor  
2018-12-05 Marc Janoschek (PSI) Dissecting Metallic Quantum Matter Using High-Resolution Spectroscopy (DOCX, 14 KB) J. Osterwalder
2018-12-12 Mark Fischer (UZH) Superconductivity without inversion and time-reversal symmetries T. Neupert
2018-12-19 Silvan Roth (EPFL) Photocarrier-induced band-gap renormalization and ultrafast charge dynamics in black phosphorus M. Hengsberger
2019-01-17 (Thursday) Berthold Jäck (Princeton) Realization of Majorana Zero Modes within a Topological Hinge State (PDF, 69 KB) T. Neupert



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