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Experimental Particle and Astro-Particle Physics Seminar

Monday 14:00

UZH Irchel Y16 G05

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Current Program - Fall 2022


19 September George Karathanasis (University of Colorado, Boulder) Track trigger for the phase-2 CMS upgrade indico link Stefanos Leontsinis
26 September Urs Langenegger (PSI) The Mu3e experiment indico link Stefanos Leontsinis
3 October Michele Weber (University of Bern) Recent results from MicroBooNE indico link Armin Ilg
10 October Federico Meloni (DESY) Towards a muon collider indico link Armin Ilg
17 October Keisuke Yoshihara (Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute, Nagoya University) Status and prospects for SuperKEKB/Belle II Experiment indico link Yuta Takahashi
24 October Klaas Padeken (University of Bonn) The LHCb MightyTracker indico link Stefanos Leontsinis
31 October - - - -
7 November - - - -
14 November Valentina Cairo (CERN)

The missing pieces in the Higgs Puzzle at the LHC and Beyond

indico link Kyle Cormier
21 November Paul Aspell (CERN) The CMS HGCAL upgrade, from an electronics perspective indico link Stefanos Leontsinis

28 November

Yasuhiro Nishimura (Keio University) The Hyper-Kamiokande project indico link Yuta Takahashi
5 December Christos Leonidopoulos (University of Edinburgh) FCCee: physics prospects, TDAQ & politics indico link Stefanos Leontsinis
12 December Barbara Maria Latacz (CERN & Ulmer Fundamental Symmetries Laboratory, RIKEN) BASE: Tests of fundamental symmetries by high precision comparisons of the fundamental properties of protons and antiprotons indico link Stefanos Leontsinis
19 December Ritwika Chakraborty (University of Kentucky) The Muon g-2 experiment  indico link Stefanos Leontsinis
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