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Lecture videos

This recording of lectures from the Fall 2019 semester or Spring 2020 semester provides a sneak peek:
Physik II: Electrodynamics (Prof. Ben Kilminster) (2nd Semester)
Physik III: Interference (Prof. Christof Aegerter) (4th Semester)
Elektrodynamik: Electromagnetic Waves (Prof. Thomas Gehrmann) (4th Semester)

Physics studies at UZH

The Bachelor's programme is available in three variants: 

- as a mono-subject: 180 ECTS in physics

- with minor: Major with 150 ECTS in physics, 30 ECTS in the minor

- with a major minor: Major with 120 ECTS in physics, 60 ECTS in the minor.

The Bachelor programme consists of a number of study modules (a module is e.g. a lecture with exercises or an internship). When one successfully completes a module, one receives a certain number of credit points (ECTS). The modules are examined after they have been completed.

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Study information lecture : Video (MP4, 45 MB), Slides (PDF, 1 MB)

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