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Fast-track programme

The program is aimed at outstanding students who are seeking a scientific or academic career and who have a very good Bachelor's degree or who have the appropriate recommendations from another university.

Participants in the Fast-Track program acquire a Master's degree. However, you can already work on a dissertation during the Master's degree and participate in the events of the Graduate School. The doctoral program is thus effectively shortened by approximately one year.

Content and scope

  1. The Fast-Track program includes at least 35 credits from the Master program of the corresponding specialization not counting the Master thesis and Master's exam. Compulsory modules can be replaced in consultation with the doctoral committee by modules which correspond better to the students' research intentions.
  2. The program includes an interim report, which corresponds to the quality and scope of a Master thesis. This interim report becomes part of the dissertation and must be submitted no later than one year after the start of the program.
  3. A Master's exam, according to the study program.
  4. The complete graduate program of the corresponding specialization.
  5. A dissertation in a customary field.


The Fast-Track is a specialized Master's course. For admission the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • A Bachelor's degree from the University of Zurich with a main grade of at least 5.5 or a corresponding qualification from another university.
  • A successful interview with the future leader of the dissertation with the presence of at least one other faculty member.


After a successful Master's exam, fulfilling all conditions for the interim report, and gaining all the credit points of the Master program students will be awarded a Master's degree. The interim report fulfills the function of the Master thesis.

The doctorate and the awarding of the doctor title are executed according to the regulations of the faculty.


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Link to the regulations governing the Master and PhD studies.