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Minor in Physics

Following offerings are directed at students of different subjects that chose physics as a minor or for whom physics is a compulsory foundational subject. You may find further information in the Study Regulations of the respective major.
A minor in Physics can be taken with 30 or 60 ECTS credits. Additionally, there is a consecutive MSc minor for 30 ECTS credits. Depending on students major and their prior experience in Physics and Mathematics, they will be required to complete different courses.
Prior knowledge of mathematics, especially calculus and linear algebra (at the level of introductory courses for science students, MAT182, MAT141) is assumed or must be completed outside the minor.

Schema for Minor in Physics


In consultation with the student advisor, other physics modules can also be chosen in the core elective area of the Minor 60.

Minor for 30 ECTS

Compulsory modules

  • PHY111 Physics I (8 CP)
  • PHY121 Physics II (8 CP)
  • PHY131 Physics III (8 CP)
  • PHY102 Lab course for minors (6 CP)

Minor for 30 ECTS, before Autumn 22

For students who started the minor before autumn 22 and have to take Physics for Science (PHY118 and PHY128) or Physics for Lifescience (PHY117 and PHY127) in the Major:

  • PHY131 Physics III (8 CP)
  • PHY141 Physics IV (5 CP)
  • PHY102 Lab course for minors (6 CP)
  • PHY110 Supplements to Physics I (2 ECTS)
  • PHY120 Supplements to PhysicsII (2 ECTS)

modules from the elective part of the Minor Program with 60 ECTS can be chosen for the missing 7 ECTS.

Minor for 60 ECTS

Compulsory Modules

  • PHY111 Physics I (8 CP)
  • PHY121 Physics II (8 CP)
  • PHY120 Supplements to Physics II (2 CP)
  • PHY131 Physics III (8 CP)
  • PHY141 Physics III (5 CP)
  • PHY102 Labl course for minors (6 CP)
  • PHY141 Physics IV (5 CP)

The remaining CP are to be collected from the following compulsory elective modules:

  • MAT142 Linear Algebra for physics students (2 CP)*
  • MAT132 Analysis II for physics students (2 CP)*
  • PHY210 Solid State Physics (7 CP)
  • PHY312 MMP I (8 CP)
  • PHY322 MMP II (8 CP)
  • PHY124 Scientific Computing (5 CP)*
  • PHY231 Data analysis (3 CP)
  • PHY211 Nuclear and Particle Physics (7 CP)
  • PHY212 Physics of soft matter (5 CP)
  • AST241 Introduction to Astrophysics (5 CP)
  • PHY321 Electrodynamics (8 CP)
  • PHY331 Quantum mechanics I (8 CP)
  • PHY341 Thermodynamics (5 CP)
  • PHY311 Mechanics (8 CP)
  • PHY132 Lab Course III (4 KP)

* = only modules specifically for physics majors

In consultation with the student advisor, other physics modules can also be chosen in the core elective area.

We strongly recommend all students to contact the departmental advisors before registering for a minor in physics.

Minor for 60 ECTS, before Autumn 2022

For students who started before Autum 2022: Physics I and II (PHY111 and PHY121) are not compulsory modules for students with Physics for Natural Sciences (PHY118 and PHY128) or Physics for Life Sciences (PHY117 and PHY127) as compulsory modules in their major.

Minor in Physics in the Master's program

Students may complete a minor in Physics in parallel to their master’s degree. The minor is worth 30 ECTS credits and the program is individually determined based on each students’ prior experience:

Complementary minor: no prior courses in physics which can be recognized as equivalent to a minor in physics at the bachelor level. The students must take the compulsory modules of the regular minor 30 ECTS at bachelor level. Please note that these modules are usually taught in German!

Consecutive minor: prior knowledge/academic records which are comparable to a minor 30 ECTS at UZH. The students have to choose modules out of the physics bachelor programme, which are not identical or comparable to their previous courses. This will be detailled in the admission letter for students from outside UZH.

The consecutive minor in the master’s program is particularly recommended to students intending to teach Physics as their second teaching subject for their Teaching Diploma.

Study Guide

The Physics Study Guide provides comprehensive information that is relevant for studying physics at the University of Zurich.

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Minor in Physik

Minor in Physics