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PHY102 Lab course for minors

Dozent: Dr. Katharina Müller


  • As part of the minor subject physics, you will carry out a basic lab course in the spring semester. In this course will teach you the basic knowledge of physical measurement methods, the recording and evaluation of measurement data and error analysis.
    The module starts in the second week of the semester with a lecture, attendance of which  is compulsory.
    For each experiment (with the exception of the introductory experiment), a report is prepared and proofread by the assistants. The reports often have to be written in English. More detailed information will be given in the introductory lecture.
    Start of the course: Lecture on error calculation (2nd week of the semester)

    • Tuesday, 27.2.23, 14:00-15:15, Y17-K-11
    • Wednesday, 28.2.23, 14:00-15:15, Y11-G-42


Experiments and instructions


EV Introduction
ST Stösse
AB gamma-Absorption
IR1 Innere Reibung von Flüssigkeiten
DL Abbildung durch Linsen
Please watch theVideo-Tutorial MT3 (SwitchEDU login)
WS1 Wechselstrom
R Mechanische Resonanz
In/SP Interferenzen und Spektrometrie
KL Kennlinien

You can download the corresponding instructions in English and German here. Since most assistants speak English, we recommend that you always have the English version with you as well.

Version FS22 of all German experiment instructions: Anleitung PHY102 FS22 (PDF, 8 MB).

Send the reports within one week to 

Template for lab report

Optional template for internship report (English) as Word-Doc (DOCX, 152 KB) or Latex-Vorlage (ZIP, 70 KB) (password protected).


  • In case of (justified) absence, please contact Matthias Hengsberger as soon as possible to arrange an alternative date!

     The labs are located on the G-floor in building 11.
     Experiments will take place every Tuesday or Wednesday 14:00-17:00.
     The experiment schedule is posted on the bulletin board in Building 11 as well as posted on the web.
     Please download the lab instructions and print at least the test sheet and the experiment instructions that are relevant to you. You will need the instructions to prepare and perform the experiments.
     In addition to the instructions, you will need to bring a calculator and common writing materials

Performance record

The performance record of the module PHY102 consists of the following elements:

  • Attendance of the lecture on error calculation (mandatory)
  • Introductory experiment
  • 8 experiments
  • 6 accepted reports , you only have to hand in two reports from experiments in the last four weeks
  • there is no grading



Katharina Müller, Y36 J 05.