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Everyday life constantly confronts members of the UZH with smaller and larger challenges. Here you will find useful assistance on topics that are often requested.

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  • Hybrider Event

    Migrating Your UZH Landline to MS Teams

    Now arrange for the migration of the landline number to MS Teams in order to be able to make calls with the UZH number regardless of location and device.

  • Hybrider Event

    Organize a Sustainable Event

    From choice of venue to catering to giveaways, these tips from the university’s guidelines will help you make your event a sustainable success.

  • Förderprojekt einreichen

    Submit a Funding Request to the UZH Foundation

    Are you planning or managing a research project and looking for fundraising support? Read on to find out what it takes for your project to be included in the UZH Foundation’s fundraising portfolio.

  • ergonomisch arbeiten

    Say It with Video

    Do you need to film a round-table discussion, a special greetings message or a video tutorial in a professional and straightforward setting? UZH members can now use Irchel Campus’s newly renovated TV studio or the smaller MOOC studio free of charge.

  • ergonomisch arbeiten

    Work Ergonomically

    UZH occupational medicine specialist Michaela Horn gives tips on how to stay healthy at work with an ergonomic workstation. 

  • barrierefreier internetzugang

    What to Do in an Emergency

    Emergencies rarely announce themselves. To handle an emergency, you should stay calm and take deliberate and swift action.

  • Tips for Accessible Websites

    By following a few simple rules when designing your website, you can make sure that your content is accessible for all users.

  • Stromsparleiste

    Saving energy, using multifactor authentication and ensuring fire safety

    We asked experts for tips on energy saving, multifactor authentication and fire safety.

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How To ...

Tips from UZH employees on a wide range of work areas