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Migrating Your UZH Landline to MS Teams

Quite practical: use the MS Teams app on your smartphone to call the UZH landline number.

Microsoft Teams becomes an integrated telephone system. It is now possible to make calls in your usual working environment using the UZH landline number. This integrated telephone function is replacing the landline phone on your desk, allowing you to make and receive calls regardless of where you are or which device you’re on – using the MS Teams app on your desktop, smartphone or web browser on your PC or Mac. This also means that you no longer have to share your private phone numbers with colleagues.

What do I have to do?

The service is available immediately to all UZH employees. To arrange for the migration of the landline number to MS Teams at Central IT, please contact the person responsible for telecom matters in your team. You will find them on the following list.

Once migrated, your landline number will appear on Teams under the Calls function and you’ll be ready to go. As soon as this migration takes place, your landline phone will be switched off. Please hand in your phone to your telecom delegate, who will return it. The costs of Teams phone calls will remain the same as today and will be charged to your cost center as before.

Many functions

To make calls regardless of your location and device, you need to be registered with Teams. Just as with landlines, Teams also offers a wealth of functions – including voicemail, call forwarding, ring calls or on-hold calls (see service catalog for more details).

You can find a guide as well as various tutorials about the MS Teams telephone function at: Best Practices & Instructions (in German). Further assistance can be found in the list of frequently asked questions: FAQ Teams Telephones.

Use a headset

We recommend using a headset for making phone calls with MS Teams. This ensures a high quality of calls and helps you avoid noise and echoing (see headset recommendations). Headsets must be procured and paid for by your organizational unit.

Tried and tested

The Office of the Dean at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences recently switched to using MS Teams for phone calls. To find out about their experience, read the report (in German) by Marius Bohl, Deputy Head of Resources, Controlling and Planning.

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