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Against Sexual Harassment


"Who comes too close goes too far"

Any behavior that injures or demeans a person on account of their gender, and that the targeted person finds uncomfortable, will not be tolerated at UZH. The University of Zurich has a set of regulations to ensure protection against sexual harassment, applicable to all staff and students at the University of Zurich. Das Merkblatt «Schutz vor sexueller Belästigung» hält die wichtigsten Punkte fest.
Information leaflet "Protection against sexual harassment"

What can affected parties do?

Have you been affected by sexual harassment? Are you unsure if something that took place at university was sexual harassment or sexist behavior? The contact persons of the RSB commission and the investigating person are there for you. Do not hesitate to contact us for a confidential and uncomplicated initial chat.
Contacts and Investigating Person

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