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UZH for Students

Changing Contact Details and Use

You can view and change your contact data like address and phone number at any time in the Student Portal under "My Enrollment and Personal Data."

The changes will be effective immediately for all correspondence and all student administration documents.

Obligation for Reporting Change of Contact Details

You are obliged to inform the Student Services within 10 days about changes of your contact details in the Student Portal.

Use of Contact Details

In the Student Portal, in the application 'My enrollment and personal data', you can specify for which purposes your postal and UZH e-mail address may be used:

1) For matters related to studies

This means that you will receive mailings from the faculties and the central services that you need for your studies. This also includes information about the elections and other general information e.g. holiday greetings from the rector, information about scholarships or rules for dealing with the Corona virus.

2) For matters related to UZH

You will receive mailings from UZH-internal offices that are not only related to your studies. These are e.g. surveys, requests for participation in studies, information on events, information from chairs and student associations, calls for blood donations, offers for IT resources (e.g. Project Neptun), selected information from ETHZ.

3) For matters related to UZH and third parties

If you have selected this category, you will also receive selected information from third parties such as job offers, company presentations as well as external events, but which are related to UZH.

In the case of a mail dispatch carried out by the President's Services, no data is normally supplied to the applicant. If data is handed over, it is intended for one-time use and may not be passed on or reused. The recipients of the data must all complete an appropriate UZH privacy statement.

Weiterführende Informationen

My Enrollment and Personal Data

You can find information about your enrollment, contact and identity details, voluntary semester contributions and membership in the VSUZH at:

Change of personal details for staff members

Students with an employment at the University of Zurich (e.g. doctoral students) are kindly requested to report changes of personal details to the HR services additionally.