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Duplicates and Replacement Diplomas

Duplicates or replacement diplomas can be ordered of the following documents, provided there is an appropriate reason for doing so:

  • Diploma
  • Academic Record / Sheet with Grades
  • Diploma Supplement


If the original document is copyable, it will be copied as it was archived. As a rule, the manual security elements such as signatures and/or seals are missing. The document will be noted that it is a duplicate as well it will be stamped and provided with an official signature.

Flat rate CHF 100



Without a copyable original document, a transcript can be made in most cases. This will be produced in the current corporate design of the University of Zurich, marked as a transcript and provided with an official signature.

Diploma CHF 100
Sheet of Grades CHF 50

More extensive transcripts are charged on a time and material basis (CHF 80.00 per hour).


Replacement Diplomas

A final document can be replaced if there are important reasons justifying the change. Such reasons are in particular

  • material errors found in the final record in question after the deadline set upon its issue

  • changes to official documents owing to a change of gender

  • a sexual identity which differs from that stated in official documents

Replacement documents are issued in the current corporate design of the University of Zurich and with the signatures of the persons who are currently in position. The new document bears a reference to the original document. The issuing requires the return of the original documents.

Flat rate CHF 100


Procedure for obtaining new documents

  • Please send an e-mail with the subject "Duplicate/Replacement Document" and details of your matriculation number and the degree from which you require new documents to
  • We will review your request and then send you the appropriate order form with additional information.
  • The processing time until receipt of the new documents is approximately 2-4 weeks.


Certified copies of final documents

Please contact the Kanzlei of the University of Zurich for this purpose.


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