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UZH for Students

Transcript of Records

Digitally verifiable transcript of records

Transcript of records from the fall semester 2022 onwards can be digitally verified for authenticity by other universities, employers or other institutions via the UZH verification tool. A corresponding note is made on the document.

Printed Copies

It is also possible to order copies printed on security paper and/or certified copies for a fee in the student portal under the transcript of records tab.

Please note that the PDF version or a simple non-notarized printout on white paper suffices for appeals to the faculties.

Many universities and employers accept such a version as well, especially when they have an electronic application portal. They can verify the authenticity using our contact form.

Transcript of Records Fees

German/English on security paper

CHF 10 /copy and language

German/English on security paper, certified

CHF 20 /copy and language

German/English on white paper, certified

CHF 10 /copy and language

Delivery by post against invoice

CHF 10 /one-off

Students paying cash on-site will be contacted as soon as the transcript of records is ready for collection. As a rule, delivery by post takes 5 to 7 working days. The invoice will be sent in a separate letter.

Students Who Have Withdrawn From the University

Please use the student portal for orders up to four months after the end of the withdrawal semester, or the student service contact form for orders any later than that.

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