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UZH for Students


Students must apply to graduate via the “Study Progress & Graduation” app. The procedure is different for doctoral candidates who wish to initiate the procedure for obtaining a doctoral degree, or to graduate from their doctoral studies. Please contact your faculty for further details.

Students of the Faculty of Medicine are not required to register for graduation.

Before you submit the application for graduation, please check the My enrollment and personal data app. If your name and/or address are incorrect, you must ensure that these are amended.

Please note that you will not be withdrawn from the university automatically after successfully completing a degree program. Therefore, you must also submit an application to withdraw from the university. Should you wish to continue studying at the UZH, you need to submit an application to change your degree program.

Weiterführende Informationen

Study Progress and Graduation

Information regarding the general operation and use of the app can be found in the instructions and in the introductory video.