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Center for Dental Medicine

Prof. Dr. med. dent. Thomas Attin

Head of Clinic of Conservative and Preventive Dentistry

Prof. Dr. med. dent. Thomas Attin
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Affiliation: Clinic of Conservative and Preventive Dentistry

Clinical Specialisations

Operative Dentsitry, Preventive Dentistry, Endodontology

Research Interests

Preventive Dentistry (Dental erosions, Remineralisation of dental hard tissues, Fluoride, Antibacterial compounds)

Restorative Dentistry (Adhesive Dentistry, Physical behavior of composites and other restorative materials, Clinical behavior of dental restorations, Effect and side effects of bleaching procedures)

Selected publications

Attin T, Becker K, Hannig C, Buchalla W, Hilgers R (2005)
Method to detect minimal amounts of calcium dissolved in acidic solutions.
Caries Res 39:432-436

Attin T, Wegehaupt F, Gries D, Wiegand A (2007)
The potential of deciduous and permanent bovine enamel as substitute for deciduous and permanent human enamel: Erosion-abrasion experiments.
J Dent 35:773-777

Attin T, Filli T, Imfeld C, Schmidlin PR (2012)
Composite vertical bite reconstructions in eroded dentitions after 5.5 years: a case series.
J Oral Rehabil 39:73-79

Aykut-Yetkiner A, Wiegand A, Bollhalder A, Becker K, Attin T (2013)
Effect of acidic solution viscosity on enamel erosion.      
J Dent Res 92:289-294

Attin T, Becker K, Wiegand A, Tauböck TT, Wegehaupt FJ (2013)
Impact of laminar flow velocity of different acids on enamel calcium loss.
Clin Oral Investig 17:595-600

Wiegand A, Burkhard JP, Eggmann F, Attin T (2013)
Brushing force of manual and sonic toothbrushes affects dental hard tissue abrasion.
Clin Oral Investig 17:815-822

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