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Center for Dental Medicine

Orthodontic materials

Our research activity has been focused on the mechanisms underlying the complete set of routine clinical orthodontic procedures on enamel (etching and bonding), mechanotherapy (torque expression, sliding mechanics), as well as mechanical, physical and chemical properties and characterization of material interfaces with materials and dental hard tissues. To this end, an array of advanced analytical instrumentation is employed (AFM, IR, SEM/EDS, GC-MS, Raman spectroscopy) in collaboration with prominent Universities and Research Centers in Europe (UK, Greece, Germany) and US.


  • Bonding to enamel (interfaces, enamel roughness, color, structural and morphological bonding-induced alterations)
  • Orthodontic alloys (bracket-archwire metallography, biocompatibility, mechanical properties)
  • Orthodontic polymers (degree of conversion and monomer leaching, bisphenol-A release, biocompatibility, estrogenicity)
  • Development of new resin-matrices for adhesion with novel monomers

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