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Center for Dental Medicine

Dental implantology

The Center of Dental Medicine of the University of Zürich has a long tradition of superior clinical, preclinical and in vitro research activities in the field of dental implantology. A major strength of the dental school is to thrive research forward on an interdisciplinary level including all clinics within the Center of Dental Medicine. The overall aim of the research activity in the area of dental implantology is to improve and understand clinical therapy and implant materials starting from diagnostics, planning, implant placement, bone and soft tissue regeneration, soft tissue management, temporization and prosthetic reconstructions. In addition, the research activities are focusing on new concepts to meet patients’ demands and enhance patients’ benefits in the future. This in particular includes alternative devices in bone and hard tissue augmentation, the so-called field of tissue engineering, new implant materials and designs and long-term follow-up of patients treated and maintained at the clinics.

Great care is taken to perform these multidisciplinary research activities in dental implantology with strong international research partner universities and institutes.


  • Diagnostics, imaging and planning in implant dentistry
  • Hard and soft tissue regeneration including tissue engineering
  • Implant material and surface technology
  • Biomechanics in implant dentistry
  • Reconstructive materials on dental implants
  • Clinical concepts
  • Long term clinical studies including patient centered outcomes
  • Periimplantitis including microbiology and immunology
  • Epidemiology in implant dentistry

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