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Generative Artificial Intelligence

AI-generated image of UZH, generated in Deep Dream Generator based on a photograph of the main building.

Six guiding principles on the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) at UZH

Generative artificial intelligence AI tools will influence and change research and teaching. The Extended Executive Board of the University considered the opportunities and risks and adopted the following guiding principles for the use of this cutting-edge technology on 26 September 2023:

  1. UZH will support its members to become AI-literate and to develop basic skills on the use of generative AI tools in research and teaching that is in line with critical and good scientific practice.
  2. Instructors will teach students to use generative AI in a considered way and allow them to experience the opportunities and possibilities and the risks and limitations of the relevant tools in their field.
  3. UZH will support the development of teaching and learning formats and assessments that are based on an academically sound and ethical use of generative AI.
  4. If the use of generative AI tools is prohibited in examinations or written work, the faculties will make appropriate arrangements to ensure that the relevant assessments are conducted fairly.
  5. Researchers, teachers and students will be transparent about the use of generative AI tools. The sole responsibility for content and products generated with the aid of AI lies with the relevant users.
  6. UZH will uphold academic integrity in all its activities and penalise violations of its Disciplinary Regulations and/or its Integrity Ordinance.

Recommendations on the Use of Generative AI

The following subsites contain recommendations and didactic resources on the use of generative AI at UZH:
Recommendations on the use of generative AI at UZH
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Didactic Resources

Helpful didactic resources on generative AI can be found on the UZH Teaching Tools website:
Teaching Tools: Didactic Resources on generative AI at UZH


UZH hosts many different talks, panel discussions and other events on the topic of artificial intelligence.
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