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Research involving Human Beings

The University of Zurich ensures the protection of test persons involved in research projects at UZH. Researchers are obligegd to weigh up the proportionality of the probable burdens and risks for the study participants with regard to the expected gain in knowledge and dispense with burdens and risks that are not absolutely necessary.

UZH Ethics Policy

The UZH Ethics Policy provides information about the applicable legal principles and the respective procedures to follow when conducting an ethical review of research projects.
UZH Ethics Policy (PDF)

Ethical review – yes or no?

If the Swiss Human Research Act (HRA) applies to a research project, it must be approved by the Cantonal Ethics Commission (KEK) before the start of the study. The HRA applies to research on human diseases as well as on the structure and function of the human body.

Conversely, an ethical review may also be indicated for research projects that do not fall within the scope of application of the HRA and for which there is therefore no legal requirement for an ethical review. These include, for example, psychological studies in which the behavior of test subjects is investigated using covert video recordings. For such research projects, the faculties at UZH offer ethical review services for researchers.

Further information

More detailed information regarding research projects involving humans can be found on the UZH for Researchers website:
UZH for Researchers: Research involving Human Beings

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For Researchers

All information, guidelines, instructions and advisory services regarding research projects involving humans can be found on the UZH for Researchers website.