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Law and Legislation

Conflict resolution, human rights or the internationalization of law: Research at the Faculty of Law mainly investigates prevailing law, explores its foundations and basic principles, and critically examines the existing jurisprudence.

News From Our Research

  • Bribery and Brutality

    Oliver Diggelmann has written about the upheavals in post-socialist Hungary, Felix Uhlmann about the logic of senseless violence. Both UZH legal

  • Heart Defects, the World of Work, and Algorithms

    Melanie Ehrler, Simon Walo and Regina Weder are being honored with this year’s FAN Awards in recognition of their outstanding research work. Their

  • When the Private Becomes Public

    Next week, the elite of science and politics will meet at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos to talk about current global challenges.

  • “AI is no wonder tool”

    Artificial intelligence can make our lives easier in many ways. But the technology also harbors many dangers. Legal scholar Florent Thouvenin is

  • In Service of Country

    UZH alumna Livia Leu grew up the daughter of a hotelier in the Graubünden Alps. Now she’s Switzerland’s highest-ranking diplomat. We visited the

  • Tenacious Virtuoso

    Kerstin Noëlle Vokinger has doctorates in law and medicine, was admitted to the bar, has a Master’s degree from Harvard and is a professor at only 34

  • “Democracy and solidarity must be strengthened”

    We are experiencing a moment of world history in which many certainties are being questioned and the ground under our feet feels shaky. But instead

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