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University Research Priority Programs

In order to underpin its position among the world’s leading research institutions, the University of Zurich has established its University Research Priority Programs (URPP). The URPP create and promote interdisciplinary academic networks in selected focal areas and contribute to advancing knowledge in research fields that benefit society.

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    Neuroscientists at the University of Zurich have developed innovative objectives for light

  • Workouts for the Brain

    While learning new things seems to come naturally to children and young people, the older we get

  • Catching Butterflies

    Church membership is declining, but there is a proliferation of religious themes and practices in

  • Global Spread of Powdery Mildew through Migration and Trade

    The worldwide distribution of one of the most important cereal pathogens is the result of human

  • “An ideal funding instrument”

    Starting in 2021, UZH will be launching five new University Research Priority Programs (URPP),

  • The Underestimated Threat

    While the threat posed by climate change is well recognized, the loss of species diversity is less

For Researchers

More information on URRPs can be found on the UZH for Researchers website. Your contact: Maurus Bolfing, phone 044 634 48 12.