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Innovative Therapies in Rare Diseases

Visual UFSP Itinerare

URPP ITINERARE: Innovative Therapies in Rare Diseases

Lead: Faculty of Medicine
Involved: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Theology
Start: January 2021
Running time: 12 years

Led by

Prof. Dr. Janine Reichenbach
Prof. Dr. Olivier Devuyst
Prof. Dr. Matthias Baumgartner       

New treatments for rare diseases

There is a great need for new therapies to treat rare diseases as well as initiatives that raise the public’s awareness of these conditions. ITINERARE: Innovative Therapies in Rare Diseases is a URPP that seeks to advance the development of new therapies for treating rare diseases while also trying to answer the ethical, legal and pedagogical questions that surround these illnesses.


University Children’s Hospital Zurich
Steinwiesstrasse 75
CH-8032 Zurich
Coordinating Office
Sabine Harlander, PhD
Phone: +41 44 66 72 77

Contact (E-mail)